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Pay Attention to the Air Quality in Your Home

This site is designed for those who are faced with low rate of HVAC system efficiency or falling of dirt, debris from air duct

People indoor life is sharply different from outdoor life. Outside of their home people are mobile, purposeful and energetic. Of course, this circumstance is dictated the need to ensure its independence, a decent level of existence and security. However, the logical result of the day is tiredness which overcomes a person, taking a lot of physical and moral strength. Coming home, people seek to compensate for the lost strength. Favorable conditions are required for it. The most important condition is based on cleanup, cooling or heating of indoor air. For this reason HVAC is widespread distributed.

what is the reasons for increased air duct pollution

  • homepets
  • smoking cigaretts
  • Smoke from the Car Exhaust
  • Not changing the filters of your air ventilation system

The principle of operation is based on the refrigerant evaporation and condensation which are performed in the evaporator and the condenser. The condenser is installed outside the house on a concrete slab and the evaporator inside the house. The airflow is transferred to the room using a system of duct. Complex technical rate of HVAC assumes the availability of specialized skills when system installing and repairing. Gradually dust in the air pollutes the components of HVAC such as ducts, filters, heat exchangers that and efficiency is reduced. The higher the air vent pollution level in the house the higher probability of the system failure. If you want to prevent it you have to deal with air duct cleaning company. Their profs can carry out air duct cleaning and bring you better indoor air quality.

One kind of air pollution based on availability of harmful dirt, soot, dust or smoke particles in the air. There are varity way of such particles come to the environment. Industrial processes, road dust, electrical power plants, forest fires and cars give off particles directly. Reaction of gave off gases with water and sunlight forms particles that cause of pollution issue.

Researchers pay attention to very small particles. These particles are less than 2.5 micrometers in diameter and are called fine particulate matters. That feature causes intrusion of these particles deep into the human lungs. That circumstance can provoke serious illnesses of heart, blood vessels and lungs. The longer a human exposes to small particles, the more heart problem human gets. It's been proved to decrease probability of heart disease death in 15 percent, reducing by 10mg/m3 of fine particulate matters in the envirement should be occurred. The most considerable kind of heart disease is coronary artery disease (CAD, also known as ischemic heart disease). Studies in this area are still perfomed.